Optimizing representations for integrative structural modeling using Bayesian model selection
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Recent methods from statistical inference and machine learning to improve integrative modeling of macromolecular assemblies
S. Arvindekar, K. Majila, S. Viswanath
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The molecular architecture of the desmosomal outer dense plaque by integrative structural modeling
S. Pasani, K. Menon, S. Viswanath
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V. Tiwari and S. Viswanath
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PrISM: precision for integrative structural models
V. Ullanat, N. Kasukurthi, S. Viswanath
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S. Pasani, S. Viswanath
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D. Saltzberg, S. Viswanath, I. Echeverria, I.E. Chemmama, B. Webb, A. Sali
Protein Science, 2021
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CM1-driven assembly and activation of Yeast γ-Tubulin Small Complex underlies microtubule nucleation
A. Brilot, A.S. Lyon, A. Zelter, S. Viswanath, A. Maxwell, R. Johnson, K.C. Yabut, M. MacCoss, E. Muller, A. Sali, T.N. Davis, D. A. Agard
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Extension of a protein docking algorithm to membranes and applications to amyloid precursor protein dimerization
S. Viswanath, L. Dominguez, L.S. Foster, J.E. Straub, R. Elber
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Architecture of the human and yeast general transcription and DNA repair factor TFIIH
J. Luo, P. Cimermancic, S. Viswanath, C. C. Ebmeier, B. Kim, M. Dehecq, V. Raman, C.H. Greenberg, R. Pellarin, A. Sali, D. Taatjes, S. Hahn, J. Ranish
Molecular Cell, 2015
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DOCK/PIERR: web server for structure prediction of protein-protein complexes
S. Viswanath, D.V.S. Ravikant, R. Elber
Protein Structure Prediction, Methods in Molecular Biology, 2014
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Analyzing milestoning networks for molecular kinetics: Definitions, algorithms, and examples
S. Viswanath, S.M. Kreuzer, A.E. Cardenas, R. Elber
The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2013
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Improving ranking of models for protein complexes with side chain modeling and atomic potentials
S. Viswanath, D.V.S. Ravikant, R. Elber
Proteins, 2013
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