Join us!

We welcome highly motivated students who are excited to work in integrative structural biology. Students in the group work on a spectrum of projects from computational method development to modeling specific assemblies to performing cell biology/biochemistry experiments.

One focus of ours is to combine protein structural modeling with data from cell biology and biophysics/biochemistry experiments (mass spectrometry/cryo-electron microscopy/tomography) in close collaborations with labs on campus and elsewhere. Students focus on modeling specific assemblies and deducing the functions of these assemblies in light of their structure.

In keeping with the recent exciting advances in structural biology, another focus of ours is to develop computational methods for inferring protein organisation in the cell using statistical inference, and specifically, machine learning and deep learning. We’re actively looking for deep-learning enthusiasts to join us!

The lab is an interdisciplinary environment and has had students from biology (biochemistry, biotech, microbiology), medicine, physics, chemistry, computer science, and engineering backgrounds. Folks who’d like to cross-train (e.g., biologists who are curious about programming, or computer scientists who’d like to develop tools for biology) are most welcome.  

Students who join the lab must be interested to do computer programming. They usually end up developing novel computational methods in addition to modeling specific biological systems. Prior programming background is helpful, but an analytical bent of mind, curiosity, and initiative are more important.

PhD student positions

If you are interested in doing a PhD in the lab, please get in touch. There are several routes to becoming a PhD student in the lab.

  • PhD students usually come in via the NCBS admissions process.
  • If you have a Physics/Engineering/CS background and are interested in doing Biology research, check out the new TIFR-PoL Interdisciplinary PhD program.
  • Students with national fellowships (CSIR-NET, GATE, and others) are welcome to email directly.

Postdoc positions

We have one open position. To apply, please email your CV and a statement of interest on the projects you’d like to work on.

Masters thesis, JRF, Project Assistant, Intern positions

Only candidates with prior programming experience are considered. Must be willing to commit a minimum of eight months full-time in the lab.
We are not hiring for these positions in 2023 and are unable to reply to individual emails.